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1 Small Industry Resolution Growth Through the Readiness for Using Android Technology in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
2 The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Employees Performance with Communication Satisfaction Mediation (Case Study of Frontliner Employees of PT Bank Muamalat, TBK.
3 Understanding Workload Pressure, Role Ambiguity and Job Satisfaction
4 Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Effect in The Transformational Leadership Towards Employee Performance
5 Is Employee Performance Affected by Organizational Cuoture, Work Motivation and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)?: An Empirical Investigation
6 Training as A Determiner Of Competitive Powner and Human Resources
7 Proactive Work Behavior and Innovative Work Behavior: Moderating Effect of Job Characteristics
8 Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing Behaviour
9 Program Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia Sadar Kelayakan Finansial (Feasible) dan Kelayakan Perbankan (Bankable) Pada Pelaku UMKM Makanan Provinsi Jawa Timur Melalui Penerapan "All Ways - Smart Application". Simlibtamas DPRM Kemenristekdikti. Tahun Kedua.
10 The effects of transformational and transactional leadership o n work performance of middle-level leaders with organizational commitment as mediator: A study of state-owned
11 The Impact Of Self-Efficacy and Perceived Organizational Support On Operational Managers¿¿¿ Readiness to Change
12 , Production Planning and Raw Materials Supply to Meet Fluctuative Demand for Livestock Feed Flour
13 , The Influences of High Performance Work System on Trust in Management, and Personal Safety Orientation of Surabaya Fire Fighters
14 Is Job Performance Affected By Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction?
15 Enhancing The Employee Engagement: The Mediating Role of Exchange Ideology
16 Entrepreneurship, Small, And Medium Enterprises, And Business Productivity (Theoritical Background and Discussion).
17 Influence of Organizational Culture and Leader Member Exchange to Affirmative Action Policy, Diversity and Employee Work Quality at Pt Pelabuhan Indonesia III.
18 The Study of Entrepreneurial Performance With Entrepreneurial Leadership and Organizational Learning Capability as Antecedent Variables in East Java Higher Education, Indonesia.
19 Resource Orchestration: Consolidation, Integration, Entrepreneurial and Affective Commitment in Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Family Firm
20 Employee Work ORK Quality: Affirmative Action Policy And Leader Member Exchange As Antecedent Variable
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