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1 Corporate Ownership Structure and Stock Liquidity of Islamic and Non Islamic Stocks: The Indonesian Experience 2019
2 Handbook wakaf amerta 2019
3 Handbook Zakat 2019
4 Diversification of insurance Companies Products As Supporting Infrastructure Development Institutions in Indonesia 2019
5 Tick Size Change and Market Liquidation in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2019
6 Analysis of return on equity, current ratio and debt to equity ratio on Islamic stock price Jakarta Islamic Index 2018
7 Crowdfunding New Paradigm for Financing: Operational Pattern of Crowdfunding in Indonesia 2018
8 Islamic Social Entreprenur Organization of Zakat Management in Empowerment of Socio Economic Mustahiq in Indonesia 2018
9 A Survey of Overconfidence Investor Generation Y 2016
10 A Survey of Overconfidence Investor Generation Y 2016
11 Diversivikasi usaha dan struktur modal 2014
12 Historical Perfomance and Characteristic of Mutual fund 2014
13 Diversivikasi Usaha dan Struktur Modal 2014
14 Determianan Pilihan Struktur Maturitas Utang Perusahaan Manufaktur di Indonesia 2014
15 Analysis Perfomance Portfolio CAN SLIM Evidence in Indonesia Capital 2013
16 Analisis Perbandingan Kinerja Reksadana Saham Dengan Portofolio Yang Disusun Secara Random 2010