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1 Dynamic Capability of Private Universities: The Role of Middle Managers
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4 Business Model and Islamic Boarding School Business Development Strategy 2019
5 The Effect of Product Related Attributes, Store Related Attributes, and Discount Perception on Customer Satisfaction and Retail Patronage at Store 3 Second in Jember City 2019
6 Pengaruh Praktik Social Networking, Kepercayaan Merek, dan Loyalitas Merek pada Komunitas Merek Online 2019
7 Effect of country of origin image, product knowledge, brand familiarity to purchase intention Korean cosmetics with information seeking as a mediator variable: Indonesian women¿¿¿s perspective 2019
8 Situational Factors Influencing Online Negative Word-of Mouth 2015
9 The Role of Individualism of Indonesian Consumers in Online Negative Word-of-mouth 2014
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11 Altruisme and Online Negative Word-of-Mouth: An Indonesian Perspective 2013