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1 Actuating Food Residual Detection Habit Using Self¿¿¿Made Disclosing Agent Solution to Improve the Dental Hygiene for Fertile Age Mothers 2019
2 Oral Health Related Systemic Disease Education for Elderly Age Group 2019
3 Full-sibling allelic frequency and sharing among Madurese: STR technique by 12 locus and the sex-typing amelogenin gene 2019
4 Factors Influencing Dental Caries in HIV/AIDS Patients 2019
5 Effectiveness Differences of Dental and Jaw Guards for Protection of Stomatognathic and Intraoral System of Boxing Athletes in East Java 2019
6 Relationship Between HIV/AIDS and Periodontal Health Status among Population at High Risk of HIV/AIDS 2019
7 Self¿¿¿Made Herbal Mouthwash Training in Elderly Community as an Empowerment Program for Improving Oral Hygiene 2019
8 Community Empowerment Program to Elevate Dental and Oral Health Knowledge and Toothbrushing Habitual on Mothers of Subdistrict Area 2019
9 Miswak users¿¿¿ behavior model based on the theory of planned behavior in the country with the largest Muslim population 2018
10 Association between Maternal Folate Intake and Polymorphism MTHFR A1298C as Risk Factor of Non-Syndromic Cleft Lips 2018
11 Detection of short tandem repeats at 5 loci and amelogenin with cell-free fetal DNA as a specimen in the development of prenatal paternity diagnostic tests 2018
12 Maternal Polymorphism MTHFR A1298C not C677T and MSX1 as the Risk Factors of Non-syndrome Cleft Lips /Palate in Sasak Tribe Indonesia 2018
13 Identifikasi Ppersonal Pada Korban Terbakar Parah Dengan Teknik DNA Forensik 2018
14 Pengantar Kedokteran Gigi Forensik 2018
15 Buku Panduan dan Aktivitas Praktek Kerja Lapangan (PKL) 2018
16 Characterization of human dental pulp cells grown in chemically defied serum¿¿¿free medium 2018
17 The use of fetal free DNA As Non-Invasive Techniques On Sex Identification 2015
18 Peningkatan nilai FVC (forced vital capacity) pasca terapi ??assisted drainage?? di gingiva pada pasien asma alergi dewasa 2013
19 Analisis Heteroplasmy DNA Mitokondria Pulpa Gigi Pada Identifikasi personal forensik. 2013
20 Keberhasilan Metode Ekstraksi FTATM Paper pada pemeriksaan DNA Bitemark Lokus TH01,vWA di Bidang Kedokteran Gigi Forensik 2013
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