Prof. Dr. DIAN AGUSTIA SE., M.Si., Ak.


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1 Pengaruh Free Cash Flow dan Kualitas Audit Terhadap Manajemen Laba
2 The influence of environment and organization toward decision making style analysis by using management accounting system as moderating variable
3 Characteristics of politically connected firms in Indonesia
4 Effect of organizational culture, competence and professionalism forces readiness for implementation of accrual accounting, Malang, East Java
5 Female executive officer and Corporate Social Responsibility disclosure: Evidence from banking industry in emerging market.
6 A parallel Ba’i As-Salam financing mechanism for banana farmers, micro enterprises, and medium enterprises
7 Female executive officers and corporate social responsibility disclosure: Evidence from the banking industry in an emerging market
8 Pengaruh Variabel -Variabel Makro Ekonomi Terhadap Kepuasan Nilai Perusahaan (Mandiri)
10 Fundamental Factor of Firm due to the firm value
11 Ekuitas Jurnal Ekonomi dan Keuangan
12 AFEBI Accounting Review
13 Financial Inclusion: Does Fintech Help in Indonesia (Book Chapter) 2020
14 Earnings Management, Business Strategy, and Bankruptcy Risk: Evidence from Indonesia 2020
15 Disclosure of Sustainability Report Mediating Good Corporate Governance Mechanism on Stock Performance 2020
16 Board Meeting, Loss, and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure 2020
17 The Influence of Family Control and Institutional Ownership of Profit Management 2019
18 The Mediating Effect of Environmental Management Accounting og Green Innovation-Firm Value Relationaship 2019
19 CSR Disclosure, Tax Avoidance, and Creative Accounting Practice: Evidence from Indonesia 2019
20 Do Earning Management and Institutional Ownership Affect Stock Market Liquidity? 2019
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