No Publication Year
1 Apoptosis of HeLa Cells via Caspase-3 Expression Induced by Chitosan-Based Nanoparticles of Annona squamosa Leaf Extract: In vitro Study 2020
2 One Health VS Koronavirus Baru 2020
3 Coronavirus antara ada dan tidak ada 2020
4 Molecular characterization of Newcastle Disease virus exotic isolate in East Java Indonesia 2020
5 The aggrecan expression post platelet rich fibrin administration in gingival medicinal signaling cell in wistar rats (rattus novergicus) during the early osteogenic differentiation (in vitro) 2019
6 Osteogenic differentiation and Biocompatability of bovine teethscaffold with rat adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells 2019
7 Accelerating osteogenic differentiation of gingival somatic cell with plasma rich fibrin estimated with SPARC expression (in itro) 2019
8 Medicinal signaling cells metabolite oral based as a potential biocompatible bionaterial accelerating oral ulcer healing (in vitro stady) 2019
9 Regeneration of salivary gland defect of diabetic wistar rat post human dental pulp stem cells intraglandular transplantation on acinar cell vacuolization and interleukin-10 serum level 2019
10 Somatic cells acceleration by platelet rich fibrin 2019
11 effective healing of leprosy chronic plantar ulcers by application of human amniotic membrane stem cell secretome gel 2019
12 The efficacy of human dental pulp stem cell regenerating Submandibular gland defect in diabetic wistar rat (rattus novergicus) 2019
13 Multi epitope peptide vaccine prediction against Newcastle disease virus using immunoinformatics approach 2019
14 The effect of estrogen on type 2 collagen levels in the joint cartilage of post-menopouse murine subject 2019
15 The role of stem cell metabolites derived from placenta for skin regeneration: an in vitro study 2019
16 Analysis of Homology and Phylogenetic genes encoding Fusion (F) protein of Newcastle Disease virus (NDV) isoated Swan (Cygnusolor) 2019
17 Fusion Protein of aminoacid mutations in Newcastle disease Isolated from swanGoose caused resitance to infection 2019
18 Characterization of Newcastle disease virus lentogenic strain infected native chickens from Surabaya Indonesia 2018
19 Neutralizing potential of FabIgG hybrid antibody against dengue virus (DEN-1,2,3,4) expressed on mesenchymal stem cell 2018
20 Hypoxic Preconditioning Improved Neuroprotective Effect of Bone Marrow-Mesenchymal Stem Cells Transplantation in Acute Glaucoma Models 2016
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