Dr. SOEDARSONO dr., Sp.P.(K)


No Publication Year
1 Comparison of serum neopterin levels in pulmonary tuberculosis patients with positive acid fast bacilli and inactive pulmonary tuberculosis 2020
2 Severity of TB classified by modified bandim TB scoring associates with the specific sequence of esxA genes in MDR-TB patients 2020
3 Acid-fast bacilli conversion of Beijing and non-Beijing strain of pulmonary tuberculosis in South Sulawesi 2019
4 Changes of CRP serum levels in pulmonary TB patients with AFB smear-positive sputum before and two months after receiving anti-tuberculosis drug treatment 2019
5 Application of serial tests for Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection to active lung tuberculosis cases in Indonesia 2019
6 Pengaruh kombinasi pursed lip breathing dan guided imagery music terhadap peak expiratory flow pada pasien penyakit paru obstruktif kronis 2019
7 Differences of plasma interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-¿¿ levels in healthy people, rifampicin resistant and sensitive pulmonary tuberculosis patients 2019
8 Characteristic profile of antibody responses to PPD, ESAT-6, and CFP-10 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in pulmonary tuberculosis suspected cases in Surabaya, Indonesia 2019
9 T Cell Epitopes of the ESXA Full Gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis From Sputum of MDR-TB Patients 2018
10 The Risk Factors for Drug Induced Hepatitis in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Dr. Soetomo Hospital 2018
11 CD4+ and CD8+ T-Cells Expressing Interferon Gamma in Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients 2018
12 The Difference of MAP1LC3 Level as Macrophage Autophagy Marker Between Resistant and Sensitive Tuberculosis Patients on Rifampicin 2018
13 Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Species and Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Coinfection in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia 2017
14 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of ECCB5 Gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Isolates from Suspected Pulmonary TB Patients in Surabaya Indonesia 2017
15 The Specific DNA region of esxA gene for the target of PCR to determine Mycobacterium tuberculosis Accurately 2017
16 Susceptibility of Rifampicin - Isoniazid Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates Against Levofloxacin 2016
17 Specific GYRB Sequence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolated from Sputum of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Indonesia 2014