Muhammad Fauzul Imron S.T., M.T.

Faculty of Science and Technology

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Education History

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1 S1 ITS 2016
2 S2 ITS 2018

Research Interest

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1 Phyto-treatment Limbah Cair Pewarna Sintesis Methylene Blue dengan menggunakan Tumbuhan Air Duckweed (Lemna minor)
2 Diesel biodegradation by bacteria isolates: Its previous, present, and future
3 Analisis Potensi Bakteri yang diisolasi dari Air Lindi di Ex-Sanitary Landfill Keputih Surabaya untuk Menyisihkan Logam Berat pada Air Tanah


No Publication Year
1 Effect of microbes addition on the properties and surface morphology of fly ash-based geopolymer paste 2021
2 Current state of marine plastic pollution and its technology for more eminent evidence: A review 2021
3 Evaluation of short-term pilot reed bed performance for real domestic wastewater treatment 2020
4 Design of a reed bed system for treatment of domestic wastewater using native plants 2020
5 Bioaugmentation of Vibrio alginolyticus in phytoremediation of aluminium-contaminated soil using Scirpus grossus and Thypa angustifolia 2020
6 Dual function of Lemna minor and Azolla pinnata as phytoremediator for Palm Oil Mill Effluent and as feedstock 2020
7 Challenges and opportunities of biocoagulant/bioflocculant application for drinking water and wastewater treatment and its potential for sludge recovery 2020
8 Effect of wastewater depth to the performance of short-term batching-experiments horizontal flow constructed wetland system in treating domestic wastewater 2020
9 Future challenges in diesel biodegradation by bacteria isolates: A review 2020
10 Seasonal variation of plastic debris accumulation in the estuary of Wonorejo River, Surabaya, Indonesia 2019
11 Potential of bacteria isolated from diesel-contaminated seawater in diesel biodegradation 2019
12 Biosorption of Chromium by Living Cells of Azotobacter s8, Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa using Batch System Reactor 2019
13 Phytoremediation of methylene blue using duckweed (Lemna minor) 2019
14 Characterization of mercury-reducing potential bacteria isolated from Keputih non-active sanitary landfill leachate, Surabaya, Indonesia under different saline conditions 2019
15 Kinetics of aluminium removal by locally isolated Brochothrix thermosphacta and Vibrio alginolyticus 2019
16 Study of BOD and COD Removal in Batik Wastewater using Scirpus grossus and Iris pseudacorus with Intermittent Exposure System 2019
17 The effect of tidal fluctuation on the accumulation of plastic debris in the Wonorejo River Estuary, Surabaya, Indonesia 2019
18 Potential of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from aluminium-contaminated site in aluminium removal and recovery from wastewater 2019
19 Aluminium removal and recovery from wastewater and soil using isolated indigenous bacteria 2019
20 Isolation and screening of resistant bacteria of heavy metal (Fe) at ship dismantling 2018

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