Rector reflects on substantiality of National Education Tuesday, 04 May 2021 11:54

Universitas Airlangga commemorates National Education Day online and offline, Monday, (3/4/2021). (Photo: M Alhazimi)


UNAIR NEWS – National Education Day 2021 is commemorated by Universitas Airlangga with the Implementation of the Leadership Meeting of 2021 First Quarter on Monday, May 3, 2021, online and offline. UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA., in his presentation invited the entire academic community to revisit the substantiality of national education, especially in its efforts to build the character and abilities of the younger generation in welcoming the nation’s progress. 

“On this occasion, I also invite the entire academic community to commemorate and remember roles of Indonesian education heroes for their services and exemplary deeds,” he said.

Substantially and fundamentally, according to Prof. Nasih, education includes two basic things. First, teaching and character development. Second, the development of competences and abilities for all students. Both at the student level, and at the level of the academic community in general.

“Education, both formal and non-formal, should not only be limited by time and space. And, education cannot be limited by certain methods, ”he said.

Education must be ensured and guaranteed to instill a strong positive character of nationalism, even starting from the simplest scope of national and community life.

“In a small example, for example removing a thorn or stone in the middle of the road,” said Prof. Nasih.

“Including a larger character scope, for example, nationalism, optimism, positive thinking, and full determination in bringing people to civilization, “he added.

Prof. Nasih believes that character strengthening should really be considered in the scope of basic education. Then, at the tertiary level, students can focus on developing scientific abilities.

“Without strong positive characters, high scientific skills and abilities have the potential to create imbalances in life, such as the massive exploitation, earth destruction and the likes,” he said.

However, a strong character with a lack of ability and expertise also creates an imbalance. According to Prof. Nasih, this also caused a setback in world development and progress. Therefore, the integration of the two is very important to build progress with a noble character.

“Here, we focus on hard skills and soft skills which are important parts of the educational curriculum. This is part of the implementation of our motto, Excellence with Morality, “he said. 

Therefore, Prof. Nasih advised the university to provide development options for students. At the same time ensuring that there are choices for self-development from all students, as manifested by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Independent Campus: Freedom of learning.

“The university must be able to provide a path and an alternative for students with a strong positive national character,” he said.

Prof. Nasih views that educators or lecturers should be able to become a motor of inspiration and development partners for students. One way to do that, lecturers should not only active in teaching, but are involved actively in research and in solving problems in the community.

“Lecturers must be able to inspire students’ enthusiasm for learning. Keep on learning, keep on learning from anything and anywhere, “he said.

“Happy National Education Day in 2021. Advance Simultaneously to Realize Freedom of Learning,” he concluded.

Universitas Airlangga as one of Indonesia’s best universities is active in supporting the implementation of the Independent Campus program: Freedom of Learning. Recently, UNAIR has held a discussion on exploration of cooperation with French Embassy Counselors regarding university cooperation for an Independent Campus. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria



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