Chairman of LTMPT ensures 2021 UTBK-SBMPTN runs well Tuesday, 13 April 2021 10:13

Chairman of the Institution of University Entrance Exams (LTMPT) Prof. Dr. Moh Nasih interviewed by the press. (Photo: Bastian Ragas)


UNAIR NEWS – Institution of University Entrance Exams (LTMPT) officially commences a Computer-Based Exam – State University Joint Entrance Test (UTBK – SBMPTN) in 2021 from April 12 to May 2, 2021.


Regarding the preparation and implementation of 2021 UTBK – SBMPTN, the Chairman of LTMPT Implementation Team and also Rector of Universitas Airlangga Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, in front of the press on Monday, April 12, said that nationally, on the first day of the implementation of the UTBK-SBMPTN there were not any serious obstacles.

“There are some minor obstacles in one of the state universities, there are 6 servers that are not active because they are not ready. In addition, the power substation of PLN exploded in several places. However, the point is, there are not many obstacles nationally, “explained Prof. Nasih.

Regarding the implementation of UTBK at UNAIR, he continued, it had been prepared well as the time of entry, initial screening, participant transit, and entry to the exam location were all well arranged. So the effort to avoid crowds has been made as well as possible.

“Once again, this is an example at UNAIR, and we are sure that technically in other places, the implementation mechanism and system are already running well,” he said.

Regarding the potential for participants’ violation, Prof. Nasih said that everything had been anticipated. For example, the exam questions can be opened one hour before the exam occurs, so the possibility for question leak is very small.

“Therefore, if there is information on social media about the exam’s leak, it is a hoax or even the questions informed have been modified. Once again, regarding the leakage, we can make sure it doesn’t happen, ” he explained.

Furthermore, Prof. Nasih also emphasized that his party also supervised and pressed information on supervisors not to copy questions as it is usually the reason for an uproar.

“Even though they don’t come out in the next exam question, once they enter social media, things like that can cause a commotion,” he said.

At the end, Prof. Nasih did not forget to express his gratitude to the media, who consistently spread good information about UTBK-SBMPTN. According to him, the positive information disseminated can impact the following implementation so that it can run well.

Author: Nuri Hermawan



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