Story of Anif, Outstanding Bidikmisi Student and Literacy Activist Friday, 03 May 2019 15:50

Anif Faricha Mantika, student of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in 2016.

Anif Faricha Mantika, student of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in 2016.

UNAIR NEWS – Anif Faricha Mantika, a 2016 student of Political Science, was grateful because her dream to pursue higher education could be realized. Thanks to Bidikmisi scholarship she received, Anif is showing her resolve to learn and make various achievements.

The Malang native claimed to have had a pretty hard time in the first year of college. The transition from the mindset of boarding high school student to student in city was a challenge for Anif to adapt.

Staying away from parents makes Anif be very good at managing finances independently. In difficult times, she even borrowed money several times from her friends to buy a return ticket.

“In the first year, I did not know how to manage Bidikmisi money. There was quite a lot of things to pay for the purposes of department and lectures, “said Anif.

Anif then tried to find another income to cover her life needs. Anif used her ability in creative design to offer poster design services. Every now and then she saves some of her money to her two siblings at home.

For almost six semesters, Anif has actually developed a lot in off-campus activities. Her love for the world of writing and literacy led Anif to be a website manager for opinion and  a book reviewer.

“There are two websites I manage, and Klub Seri Buku. At I manage the website and social media designs. I also contributed several times by writing book reviews, ” she said.

“I enjoy doing activities in the academic field, including having discussions, reviewing books, managing literacy projects with friends, and corresponding with political science scientists,” she added.

The beginning of her activity in the realm of digital media literacy was in the fourth semester. She claimed to have gained a lot of experience and new skills from there.

“From being friends with people who are passionate about reading, writing, and having discussions. I had the opportunity to be invited to join a Research Visit to ICPVTR RSIS NTU Singapore as well as invited to the symposium on counter-terrorism which brings together stakeholders across ASEAN,” she explained.

For Anif, achievement does not only mean the success of students in competitions. Her success in managing an opinion and referral website with her friends, holding discussions, participating in important discussions about the development of socio-political science, is also an achievement for her.

According to Anif, Bidikmisi students got a pretty good opportunity to participate in campus activities, such as publishing opportunities for research, conferences and discussions. The climate is considered to be very supportive for Bidikmisi students to develop themselves.

“As bidikmisi students, we must have a stronger fighting spirit. Pride as UNAIR students belongs to parents, who have taken care of us, and people who support us to be able to fight so far, “concluded the girl who wants to become a social political researcher. (*)

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