Ferry Efendi (S.Kep., Ns., M.Sc., Ph.D)

Fakultas Keperawatan, Keperawatan Jiwa & Komunitas, Keluarga, Geron

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Profil Dosen
Jenjang Pendidikan
No Jenjang Pendidikan Institusi Mulai Berakhir
1 Program Sarjana Universitas Airlangga 2001 2006
2 Program Magister Asia University 2009 2011
3 Program Doktor National Cheng Kung University 2013 2017
Riwayat Mengajar
No Subjek
1 Community health nursing
2 Nursing management
3 English for Nursing
4 Research method in Nursing
Bidang Riset
No Subjek
1 Community Health Nursing
2 Resource for Health
3 Nursing Migration
No Publikasi Tahun
1 IJEPA Grey Area for Health policy and international nurse migration 2015
2 How To Attract Heath Student To Remote Areas In Indonesia: A Discrete Choice Experiment 2015
3 Searching For The Best Agarose Candidate From Genus Agracilaria, Euceuma, Gelidium, And Local Brand 2015
4 The Lived Experience Of Indonesian Nurses In Japan: A Phenomenological Study 2015
5 Heath Worker Recruitment And Development In Remote Area Of Indonesia 2012
6 Indonesia Nursing Students In Caring Behavior 2015
7 What Do Indonesian Nurse Want? Retaining Nurses In Rural And Remote Areas Of Indonesia 2014
8 Improving Poskedes Nurse’s Performance, Which Model Should Be Used? 2014
9 Sleep Hygiene Behavior Among Balinese Adolescent 2013
10 Returning Migration On Indonesian Nurses From Japan: Where Should They Go? 2013
11 Retaining And Motivating Health Worker In Very Remote Area Of Indonesia, Do They Respond To The Incentives? 2012
12 Phylogenetic Molecular Analysis Human Immunodeficiency Virus (Hiv) Patient In Surabaya, East Java 2011
13 A Comparative Study Of Nursing Educational System In Indonesia And Japan 2009
14 Determination Utilization Of Atenatal Care Services Among Adolescent Girls And Young Woman In Indonesia 2015
15 Suami Siaga: Male Engagement In Maternal Health In Indonesia 2015
16 Proposing A Return Migration Policy: Insights From Indonesian Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (Ijepa) Nurse Study 2015
17 Monitoring The Implementation Of The Who Global Code Of Practice On The International Recruitment Of Health Personnel : The Case Of Indonesia 2014
18 Efendi, F., Chen, C. M., Kurniati, A., Berliana, SM. (2016). Determinants of Use of Antenatal Care Services among Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Indonesia. Women & Health. In Press. 2016
19 Efendi, F., Chen, C. M., Nursalam, N., Indarwati, R., & Ulfiana, E. (2016). Lived Experience of Indonesian Nurses in Japan: A Phenomenological Study. Japan Journal of Nursing Science. 2016
Keanggotaan Asosiasi
No Asosiasi
1 Health System Global
2 Global Health network
3 Healthspace Asia
No Penghargaan Tahun
1 China medal board (CMB) scholar 2014 for attending the global health system 2014
2 the second best paper in human resource field at national development planning policy conference 2013
3 The best paper at the 2nd annual Indonesian scholar conference in Taiwan 2011
4 The 3rd winner Indonesian youth researcher 2006
5 The first winner, Scientific Campus Fair, Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia University. Awarded by Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia University 2006
6 Gold Medal on Community Initiative Program (PKM Pengabdian Masyarakat-PIMNAS XIX). Awarded by Ministry of National Education of Indonesia (Dirjen Dikti) 2006
7 The second winner on National Scientific Paper Competition for University Students (LKTM IPA-PIMNAS XVIII). Awarded by Ministry of National Education of Indonesia (Dirjen Dikti) 2005
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  5. Academia: Ferry Efendi (S.Kep., Ns., M.Sc., Ph.D)



  1. 2014 Consultant, Module Development of Human Resources for Health Funding support: Ministry of Health of Indonesia and World Health Organization office of Indonesia
  2. 2014 Consultant, Human Resources for Health Observatory of Indonesia Funding support: Ministry of Health of Indonesia and World Health Organization office of Indonesia
  3. 2013 Consultant, Translator of The World Health Organization Global Code of Practice on International Recruitment of Health Personnel Funding support: Ministry of Health of Indonesia and World Health Organization office of Indonesia
  4. 2011 Consultant, Online registration system of Indonesian nurse migration under Indonesia Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (IJEPA) Funding support: Ministry of Health of Indonesia


  1. 2013-present AuthorAid
  2. 2013-present Healthspace Asia
  3. 2014-2016 Health System Global
  4. 2015-present International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing


  1. 2014-2015 A Comparative Study of The Lived Experiences of Indonesian Caregivers in Japan and The Returnees in Indonesia Sumitomo Foundation Japan PI
  2. 2013-2014 The effectiveness of behavioral change communication (BCC) program to changeHIV/AIDS-related behaviors on construction workers. Ministry of National Education of Indonesia Co-I
  3. 2008-2010 Searching for the best agarose candidate from genus Gracilaria, Eucheuma, Gelidium and local brands Ministry of National Education of Indonesia under Competitive Research Grant year 1 and 2 Co-I
  4. 2008-2009 Early detection of HIV-AIDS cases in community through mobile VCT at high risk population Ministry of National Education of Indonesia Fundamental research grant competition Co-I
  5. 2009-2010 Phylogenetic molecular analysis Human Immunodeficiency Virus of HIV infected patient at Surabaya East Java Ministry of National Education of Indonesia under Indonesia research grant competition for International Publication Batch III Co-I

Editorial Board/Journal Reviewer

  1. 2016-present Editor, Innovational Nursing Journal
  2. 2015-present Associate Editor, Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ) www.doaj.org
  3. 2014-present Associate Editor, Human Resources for Health journal, Ministry of Health Indonesia
  4. 2015-present Reviewer, Indonesian Nursing Journal of Education (INJEC), Association of Indonesian Nursing Education Center (AINEC)
  5. 2008-present Associate Editor, Journal Ners, Faculty of Nursing, Airlangga University Indonesia
  6. 2015-present Reviewer, International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health
  7. 2015 Reviewer, Advances in Medical Education and Practice
  8. 2014 Reviewer, Risk Management and Healthcare Policy

Book Chapters

  1. Kurniati, A., & Efendi, F. (2013). Human Resources for Health Country Profile of Indonesia. Retrieved from: http://www.searo.who.int/entity/human_resources/data/Indonesia_profile.pdf
  2. Kurniati, A., & Efendi, F. (2012). Kajian Sumber Daya Manusia Kesehatan [Review of Human Reources for Health]. Jakarta: Salemba Medika. https://goo.gl/i2j8eD
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  4. Nursalam, & Efendi, F. (2008). Pendidikan Dalam Keperawatan (Nursing Education). Jakarta: Salemba Medika. https://goo.gl/xVos70


  1. 2009 Audio Visual Learning Material (The Latest technology in education): Katholieke Universiteit Leuven-Belgium. Funded by VLIR-UOS (The Belgian Development Cooperation)
  2. 2009 Human Resources Development for Health: Royal Tropical Institute-KIT, Amsterdam-Netherland. Funded by Nuffic/NESO (the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education)
  3. 2008 Mobile learning for Higher Education: Saga University-Japan, Funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


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