Cicik Alfiniyah (S.Si., M.Si.)

Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi, Matematika

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Profil Dosen
Jenjang Pendidikan
No Jenjang Pendidikan Institusi Mulai Berakhir
1 Program Sarjana Universitas Airlangga 2004 2008
2 Program Magister Institut Teknologi Bandung 2008 2010
Riwayat Mengajar
No Subjek
1 Calculus I (undergraduate level)
2 Calculus II (undergraduate level)
3 Real Analysis I (undergraduate level)
4 Real Analysis II (undergraduate level)
5 Complex Functions (undergraduate level)
6 Calculus Multivariable (undergraduate level)
7 Geometry of Analytic (undergraduate level)
Bidang Riset
No Subjek
1 Applied Mathematics
2 Pure mathematics
No Publikasi Tahun
1 Fractional Integral Operator on Weighted Non-homogeneous Morrey Space 7 (61-64), pp: 3081-3095 International Journal of Mathematical Analysis 2013
2 Adams-type Inequality for Weighted Non-homogeneous Quasi Metric Space 8 (45-48), pp:2293-2301 International Journal of Mathematical Analysis 2014
3 Fractional Laplace Operator and Their Fourier Transform SEACMA (South East Asia Conference Mathematics and Its Application) 2010 2010
4 The effort to minimize flooding along the river through a weir notch design (Case study) 6th BaSIC (Basic Science International Conference) 2011 2011
5 The Extension of Sine and Cosine Inequalities at Any Triangle 4th ICOWOBAS (International Conference and Workshops on Basic and Applied Sciences) 2013 2013
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  1. Applied Mathematics :
    • I have been working with Dr. Jamie Wood (Biology Department, University of York, United Kingdom) to model quorum sensing system in Pseudomonas aeruginosa that involves a pair of lux homologues, the well studied las and rhl system. We demonstrate that the behaviour of the las system has potential impacts on both the biological regulation and the physical environment of the cells. The las system links to the rhl system to regulate the production of rhamnolipids. This is interesting because excitable signal molecule production may drive complex Rhl synthetase and rhamnolipid dynamics with implications for the spatiotemporal expansion of colonies.

    • I am currently working with Prof. Martin Bees (Mathematics Department, University of York, United Kingdom) to model bacterial behaviour, in particularly biosurfactant production that affect bacterial growth on the surfaces, which is modulated by quorum sensing system;  incorporating thin-film fluid flow, complete wetting problems, bacterial differentiation.

  2. Pure mathematics :

    • I have worked with Dr. Eridani and Dr. Imam Utoyo (Mathematics Department, UNAIR) to explore on the boundedness of definite integral operator and Riemann-Liouville operator on weighted Lebesgue spaces.

    • I have worked with Prof. Hendra Gunawan (Mathematics Department, ITB) to investigate fractional Laplace operator and their Fourier transform.


  1. 2010./2011 The effort to minimize flooding along the river through a weir notch design (Case study) DIKTI 7.5 Million


  1. 2011/2012 How to use Latex Mathematics Department, UA. 2.5 Million


Kontak Dosen; cicik-a@fst.unair.
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