Lecturer Achievement Wednesday, 27 February 2019 11:37




Faculty of Economy and Business – WARTA UNAIR

Manufacturing industry in East Java exhibit fluctuating performance, though East Java industrial sector contributes a fairly large share for Indonesian Gross Domestic Products. Yet as the performance fluctuates rapidly while this nation is facing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), it may dangerously affect its competitiveness. Therefore, Prof. Dr. Bambang Tjahjadi, CPM, CMA, Ca., Dr. Noor Lailie Soewarno, CMA, Ca., and Dr. Hariati, CA., conducted a research titled “Innovation Strategy Financial Performance Relationship: The Rule of  Human Capital Management Accounting Information and Internal Process Performance as Mediating Variables”.

Their research aims to find out the cause of fluctuating performance and how to prevent it, so that the industry can survive from the challenges presented by global competition. The paper brought about Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting theme and was presented during Call for Papers: Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association Conference 2015 competition on 26-28th October in Bali. It was awarded as the best paper out of 130 papers from 20 Asia-Oceania countries. The international conference was then officially closed on 29th by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education, Professor Ainun Na’im.

Bambang and his two team members from other universities conducted a research on factors triggering financial performance of an organization. Those factors were innovative strategies, management accounting, informational system, and internal process performance. If an organization desires a sustainable performance, they need to own innovative strategies, competent human resources, reliable informational system management, and effective process; then, their financial performance shall be declared sustainable.

Corporate sustainability is heavily related to environmental issues. One of the most internationally problematic environmental issues is haze problem. It is detrimental and negatively influenced an organization. Therefore, environmental management accounting shall specifically take environmental damages into account.

“Environmental damage, like the haze, has become the most talked issue in the world today. We try to develop the issue and suggest the companies not to solely pursue profit; they also need to pay attention on environmental protection. Do not blindly aim to achieve efficiency profit and burn the forests,” explained Bambang to WARTA.

The Faculty of Economy and Business’ Lecturer then wished Indonesian companies to pay attention to their surroundings in order to prevent recurring haze problems; as it is not only negatively affecting other people, but also the company itself.

Confirmed by WARTA in ABC building’s discussion room, he expressed his honor to represent Indonesia and UNAIR to compete with other universities in another country. “I am delighted to bring honor to UNAIR as I personally think we are actually capable. Yet, sometimes we do not have time to compete internationally,” he said.

He is convinced UNAIR is capable to compete with other universities internationally, yet he think the people are not determined and passionate enough.  This achievement may trigger other UNAIR representatives to bring honor to UNAIR name; not only nationally, but also internationally.  (lov/nui)