Survival Food Team Wins Silver Medal at 32nd PIMNAS Monday, 16 September 2019 10:50

Survival Food Team Wins Silver Medal at 32nd PIMNAS

PKM-PE Survival Food Team, Tya Wahyun Kurniawati, Ningsih Putri Herman and Melly Octaviany, silver medalists at 32nd PIMNAS at Universitas Udayana on 31 August 2019. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Survival Food is one of the achievements of Student Creativity Program (PKM-PE) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). The ideas initiated by students from Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), namely Ningsih Putri Herman (2017) and Melly Octaviany (2016) and Tya Wahyun Kurniawati (2017) from Faculty of Nursing (FKp) were successful in bringing silver medals in the presentation category at 32nd National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS).

Behind that achievement, it turns out that the research that Ningsih and her team did not always run smoothly. Moreover, the research of nanotechnology still considered new to the team, and it takes a lot of times, mind and energy.

“At first I had the thought of giving up during the research because nanotechnology is entirely new for us, “said Ningsih.

“We don’t think our research will succeed in producing a nanofiber,” he continued.

In the competition held at Universitas Udayana, Bali on August 26-31, Survival Food team gained many exciting experiences. According to Ningsih, PIMNAS competition was very different from other scientific writing competition.

“We met people from across the country, who came with different ambitions and research topics but one vision to serve the country,” she said.

Meeting new teachers and friends is also an unforgettable experience. “I feel intimidated standing together with great people from various regions in Indonesia,” she said.

Ningsih and her team carried out the research since September 2018. The idea was poured into PKM-PE proposal with the title of “Application of Nanotechnology in Survival Food as an Effort to Improve the Survival of Disaster Victims.”

“Initially, we were inspired by the rampant disasters in Indonesia. There was disaster victim who can survive even after 78 hours trapped by drinking his own urine, ” she said.

According to Ningsih, it was easy to find ideas to develop into PKM. We have to understand environmental issues around us because the concept starts from there.

“The concept is bringing benefits to the nation. Pay attention to the surrounding community, explore ideas from the smallest possible things that have never been noticed by others before because little things can be significant with science, “he said.

“The creative ideas usually start from something that previously had no value, or it could also do something that has never been done, “he added.

Ningsih said that the research will be explored in the future. “It takes approximately three years to develop and then produce and market the product, “he said. (*)

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