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One Health

Prof. Dr. Suwarno, drh., M.Si., Vice Dean III Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with one of the speakers. (Photo: M Najib R)

UNAIR NEWS – In order to provide an understanding on One Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) Universitas Airlangga held Veterinary Medicine International Conference (VMIC). The event was held on Wednesday-Thursday, July 4-5, at Tandjung Adiwinata Hall FKH UNAIR.

The event held as the second time and was a collaboration between FKH UNAIR and Airlangga Disease Prevention and Research Center-One Health Collaborating Center (ADPRC-OHCC) Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN). It was attended by speakers from seven countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, France, England, and the USA.

Prof. Dr. Fedik Abdul Rantam, drh., as the event coordinator said that the event was held to develop research and publication through education from five areas, One Health, Reproductive Engineering, Bio Medicine, Nutrition and Animal Science, and Clinical Science.

“Therefore we invited speakers from various countries,” he added.

Prof. Fedik also said the activity was aimed to develop scientific education and to improve collaboration and partnerships.

“So the purpose is to improve them, better than ever before,” he added.

Prof. Fedik also said the event was also a mean of transfer knowledge from developed countries to developing countries from professors to students. The future, to develop variety of active bio materials or formulation known as Bio X.

“Hence New Wave Bio X became the main core,” he explained. “The meaning of X is very complex. Among other formulas, diagnostic materials, vaccine materials, technology, and so forth, “he added.

With the activity, Prof. Fedik hoped that young students and researchers will grow more. In addition, in the future FKH UNAIR can also be a laboratory center that will control all laboratories in Indonesia.

“Today we will get together to evaluate whether we can become a network laboratory,” he added.

Following up the activity, Prof. Fedik said in the future there will be continuous improvement. After focusing on One Health, there will be discussions on different matters.

“Perhaps in the future we will discuss about reproduction, diagnostics, vaccines, disease management models, effective food formulations, or others. So this event will be continued for the next year, “he concluded. (*)

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