Paquita, Vice I Ning Surabaya 2018: “Love Surabaya,Rek!” Thursday, 07 June 2018 06:45

Paquita Maharani Leksono, FKG UNAIR student wins Vice 1 Ning Surabaya 2018 and Favorite Ning 2018. (Dok. Pribadi)

UNAIR NEWS – Having once tried to advance to Cak & Ning, finally Paquita’s efforts have come into fruition in 2018. May 11, 2018 was a historic day for Paquita Maharani Leksono as elected as Vice I Ning Surabaya 2018 and Favorite Ning 2018.

In the midst of busy lectures and organizations, the second semester student of Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga was still able to prepare herself to follow the competition. In the interview, Paquita explained that she has a great desire to be able to advance and bring positive changes to Surabaya.

“Through this opportunity I made a step forward to contribute to the city of Surabaya”, she added.

Paquita also explained that the Cak & Ning is a competition held by Surabaya City Government every year to find young people who sincerely want to serve for the city of Surabaya. This selection is not just a beauty pageant event.

The winner will have the opportunity to become an ambassador of Surabaya, involved in several state protocol activities and escorting international guests visiting Surabaya. As a tourism ambassador, Cak & Ning also has a major role in Surabaya Shopping and Culinary Track activities. As a representative of Surabaya youth, Cak & Ning also participated in social activities aimed at promoting better life for Surabaya residents.

The success of Paquita added a number of Faculty of Dental medicine Universitas Airlangga students with excellent achievements. In addition to be brilliant in campus, some students also succeeded in beauty pageant, including Naomi in Miss Indonesia, Ratna Nurlia as representative of Putri Indonesia, and Putu Ferbika Mitamadela and Wes Kaolini in Cak & Ning competition. (*)

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