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Vice Rector III UNAIR Prof. Amin inspects the inauguration of AUP Bookstore last October. (Photo: Helmy Rafsanjani)

UNAIR NEWS – Last Tuesday, May 22 was a day full of amazing knowledge and experience. On that day students of Indonesian Literature Universitas Airlangga had the opportunity to visit the Center for Publishing and Printing (Pusbitek) Universitas Airlangga. On that occasion, the students were invited to watch directly the process of book printing.

The students were introduced to Pusbitek as well as shown to the actual process of its work.

This UNAIR center for publishing and printing has been established since January 22, 1972. Pusbitek has printed thousands of works. Pusbitek has evolved into a strong, large, and accurate national publishing center and printing college.

No need to hesitate for a career in Pusbitek as any graduates of any departments can join as long as they qualify to be employees through a series of tests. One of the tests was editing.

The editing section is also open to any graduates. However, there are some sections who required specific majors, such as layout and design that must be handled by the experts.

There are still training workshops the employees must follow. This is done so they have new knowledge about printing business because the printing world will also continue to innovate and develop with time.

The process of publishing books in Pusbitek is not as easy as imagined. The authors must bring the script to the marketing department. In the marketing section, the manuscript will be reviewed first, whether appropriate and eligible for publication. In the draft feasibility process, it will be determined whether the text is eligible for publication or still needs revisions. The script can be rejected if there is 30% plagiarism.

In Pusbitek, in the editing section there is a special tool that can detect the percentage of contents of the script. When the manuscript is in the hands of the script editor, the manuscript will be given notes to be asked to the author and negotiated how well the manuscript should be printed.

Mostly, notes from the editor rejected by the author. The author assume that the script he wrote was perfect. It was the challenge for the editors of Pusbitek.

After the script is edited and justified by the editors, the script enters the pre-print process. The edited script is submitted to the layout section for layout arrangements and formatted to book form. At the same time, the design section will create a book cover. After that, the dummy will be checked by the author and asked for approval to be printed with signing of the publishing contract.

After the contract is signed, the script is ready for printing. After the script is printed and already through the finishing stage , the book is ready for sale. In this case, the author can take royalty from the sale.

Publishing Cost

There are three types of financing for publishing the manuscript. First, the publication of the manuscript is funded by Pusbitek. Second, in cooperation with agencies or units in college or outside college. Third, the cost is covered by the client.

Although the financing of the manuscript is covered by the clients, the text still must pass through all existing publishing procedures. After being printed the books then returned to the author for marketing.

As a large printing company, Pusbitek already has a large book market network, in various bookstores in major cities in Indonesia as well as a network of universities, and various hospitals and IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association). (*)

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