Rector: University Graduates are Our Responsibility Wednesday, 06 September 2017 01:49

UNAIR Rector (in the middle) with mitra kerja diacara Airlangga Career Fair. (Foto: Binti Quryatul M)

UNAIR NEWS – Within a year, Universitas Airlangga graduates more than 9 thousand students. In average, there are 5 thousand undergraduate degree students, 2 thousand vocational degree (Diploma 3 and Diploma 4) students and a thousand master’s and doctoral degree students graduated in a year. The university has a great responsibility to prepare them to achieve successful career.

The statement was made by the Rector of UNAIR Prof. Moh. Nasih in his speech when opening Airlangga Career Fair, a job fair where graduates from various universities can use their skills in professional world.

In the two-day job fair, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Spetember 4-5, there were 40 national companies, entrepreneurship booths, and educational and scholarship exhibitions . Nasih said, not only UNAIR but all stakeholders have a responsibility in supporting the graduates to reach the peak of their careers.

“We certainly prepare and have a great responsibility as other stakeholders to encourage the children of the nation in achieving their careers,” said Nasih.

To all officials and representatives of companies attending Nasih asserted that UNAIR graduates are human resources with proven quality and able to compete in professional world.

” UNAIR has a very strict new admission system. We choose the best students. Of the twenty thousand students who register, we take only about 1,500. We are very selective, “explained Nasih.

Meanwhile, Director of Human Capital Management of State Electricity Company (Persero) Moh Ali, SH hoped that with PLN’s participation in Airlangga Career Fair this time, more and more UNAIR graduates will occupy strategic positions in organizational structure of PLN.

“Previously we had many graduates of ITB and ITS. We hope that more UNAIR graduates will fill our strategic positions. We hope to get the best candidates, “he added.

In the same occasion, Ali hoped that universities can supply the required human resources of large national and multi-national companies.

“Hopefully, our institution which need workforce with a college that supplies the workforce can be closer and bring mutual benefits,” he explained. (*)

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