UNAIR Gets the New Principal of Academic Senate Monday, 04 September 2017 01:25

The new principal of academic senate UNAIR, Prof. Joewono Soeroso while signing the handover memorandum, witnessed by former principal Prof. Muh Amin, the secretary of academic senate Dr. Iman Prihandono (left), and also the rector of UNAIR Prof. M Nasih. (photo by: Bambang bes).

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) appoints the new principal of academic senate of 2014-2019. He is Prof. Dr. H. Joewono Soeroso, dr., M.Sc., Sp.PD, K-R., as the new successor of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amin, dr., Sp.PK(K).

The inauguration ceremony of new principal academic senate was held at Amerta Room, campus C UNAIR on Thrusday (31/8) attended by UNAIR officers. In his speech, Prof Muhammad Amin the former academic senate said that during he served as academic senate there were no many troubles in UNAIR.

“For the first I’ve ever thought that senate academic was the place of college problems. ButAlhamdulillah, all this time we have done our job well and conflict less. It’s beyond what I was expecting,” Amin said

Amin expected for new academic senate could do better than before, moreover, UNAIR targeted towards 500 world class university.

“I realized that I was imperfect did my job. For the next, will have harder task for supporting UNAIR towards world class university. I believe that the new principal will be better than me,” He said

The new academic senate principal, Prof. Dr. H. Joewono Soeroso, dr., M.Sc., Sp.PD, K-R, the professor of internist in UNAIR, agreed to do better work and trusted.

“I also didn’t expect to be here. Alhamdulillah, it’s because support of you all. I’ll try to do the best,” He said

Meanwhile, rector of UNAIR Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Nasih, SE., M.T., Ak., MCA., in his speech pleased to welcome the new senate academic. He expected that to keep the teamwork among officer in UNAIR like they used to do.

“We are targeted by government to become 500 world class university ranking. So, it makes us to work harder, sincere and persistent to make it true,” Rector stated

In the same occasion, Rector also Introduced Prof. Joewono to the officers, the deans and also the head of board in UNAIR that also attended ceremony at the time. The inauguration ceremony ended by breaking the fast together of Arafat Fasting.

“Hopefully along with the breaking fast together Arafat fasting, allah’s blessing be upon us. Those who are doing hajj, they are now doing wuquf in Arafat. In here, we also pray for ourselves to self-introspection, so that, it will bring the best for us,” Mohammad Nasih said.(*)

Source : http://news.unair.ac.id/en/2017/08/31/unair-gets-new-principal-academic-senate/

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