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Student from Gaza Awarded Doctorate Degree

For his excellent dissertation, the examining committee stated that he was graduated with “Very Satisfactory” result.

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UNAIR Students Create Automated Detection System of Diabetes Optical Complication

The working mechanism of this device is very simple, so it can save time

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UNAIR Students Develops Tilapia Fish Skin as Artificial Cartilage Replacement

We chose the tilapia skin as the main ingredient because this material is easy to obtain and has a very affordable price

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Reducing Pollution, ‘Iron Slag’ B3 Waste Processed to Be Environmentally Friendly Bricks

One way to overcome the pollution of B3 waste is using the concept of green technology.

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Reregistration for Bachelor’s Degree Students Admitted from Independent Admission and Islamic Student Scholarship Program (PBSB) 2018/ 2018 Academic Year

Year are obliged to follow the reregistration process

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Reregistration Of Universitas Airlangga Bachelor’s Degree Students Admitted For International Class, Foreign Student Program And Double Degree Program Of Faculty Of Psychology Universitas Airlangga And Queensland University Of Technology In 2018

Through this announcement, the prospective bachelor’s degree (S-1) students who have passed th

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Reregistration for Postgraduate Students from Partnership Program with Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar and Master's Degree of Professional Psychology from Partnership Program with Universitas Udayana For Even Semester 2017/ 2018 Academic Year

Only in Bahasa

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Universitas Airlangga Highlight

Accreditation Publicity Marks RS UNAIR Achieves Full Accreditation

The Accreditation Publicity and Open House Airlangga Health Science Institute (AHSI) mark full accreditation achievement by R


Latest Airlangga University's Accreditation Achievement

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Airlangga University's Students in National Sport Week XIX

23 UNAIR's students who participate in PON XIX manage to contribute 26 medals for East Java Province.

  • Orang tua dan mahasiswa baru bangga menjadi bagian dari Universitas Airlangga. Unair Official . 02:08, Jul 20
  • Atas permasalahan kelumpuhan tangan sebagai dampak dari stroke, mahasiswa Universitas Airlangga berinovasi membuat… Unair Official . 01:32, Jul 20
  • Hasil seleksi mahasiswa baru UNAIR jalur mandiri resmi diumumkan pada Kamis (19/7). Total calon mahasiswa yang mend… Unair Official . 11:44, Jul 19